NeNe And Wendy Moving Forward As Friends After Breach Of Trust

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When Wendy Williams dropped the bombshell that NeNe Leakes mentioned quitting “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we held our breath in anticipation of another major fall-out between the two television personalities. It was obvious that Leakes had shared that information with Williams in confidence and she’s known for flying off of the handle over even the smallest slight from friends. It appears, however, that all of that self-work Leakes has been doing with her life coach has paid off because the two were able to resolve the issue and maintain their friendship.

In a video blog posted to her YouTube channel, The Life of NeNe Leakes, the reality star echoed a statement from her publicist, explaining that she was expressing frustrations to a friend.

“Wendy and I are friends,” she explains in the video. “I have vented to her on many occasions. That particular day, I didn’t vent to her. I just sent her one text and she went out on the couch and started talking.”

Leakes went on to reiterate the obvious: When you tell a friend something in private, the expectation is that you won’t hear it back.

“I think that personal, private conversations should stay private,” she went on. “Anybody should be able to vent to a friend without the friend totally outing them or saying what they said to anyone. It’s not a cool thing.”

Despite her annoyance with the whole ordeal, the women have sorted things out, but NeNe says it doesn’t make the betrayal less hurtful.

“She and I have since talked about it. We talked about it. We texted about it. I just want to move on from it,” said Leakes. “When stuff like that happens, it really hurts because it’s like, you don’t know if you can trust anybody. Who can you trust? Who can you talk to?”

Of course, when you’re a public figure and your friend’s entire hustle is celebrity gossip, it might be easy for lines to become blurred so she may not be the best person to vent to.

Check out NeNe’s video blog below.

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