Clown Fetish Couple Looking For Third Person For Their ‘Adult Circus’

Clown couple pictured together in full makeup Barcroft TV/YouTube

A couple who live their lives as full-time clowns are looking for a woman to join them in clowning around in the bedroom. 

California couple Josh and Christina – otherwise known as Loch Jester and Miss Candy – make a living by distracting their audiences from the ‘misery’ and ‘terror’ of the world through dressing up, wearing ‘crazy’ makeup and acting goofy.

The pair met two years ago when Loch was looking for females to join his clown burlesque show, and they have since taken to living together in a van in Oceanside, allowing them to travel wherever their van and oversized shoes can take them.

Clown couple looking for someone to have threesome with Barcroft TV/YouTube

Though Loch and Miss Candy work as clowns, the pair don’t stick to the 9-5 and have actually taken to living as their characters 24/7, embracing them for both work and play.

In the WeTV show Extreme Love, the couple explain they ‘really enjoy clown sex’, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Basically, they have sex dressed as clowns.

Loch explained:

Clown sex involves at least makeup, if not some nice outfitting.

Maybe a nice bow around the c*ck or something to decorate.

See Loch and Miss Candy discuss their relationship below:

Miss Candy described one of her short outfits as ‘glamour-clownish’, adding it was ‘funky’ and ‘kind of kinky’. She said she and her boyfriend share a ‘clown fetish’ and described herself as a ‘kink clown’, explaining she gets turned on and ‘really sexually stimulated’ by clowning.

The Californian continued:

Even just from bodypainting. When there’s a paintbrush that’s, like, lightly going over your body, you can totally get aroused.

You know, you’re touching people in sensitive areas.

Clown couple pictured together in full makeup Barcroft TV/YouTube

While many people would consider clown sex to be unusual enough in itself, Miss Candy and Loch admitted they are looking to further spice up their relationship by adding another person into the mix.

They didn’t specify whether they were looking for another clown in particular, though their fetish suggests that would be preferable. Loch and Miss Candy actually proposition a woman in Extreme Love, though viewers will have to watch the full episode to find out if they’re successful in adding a new act to their intimate circus show.

Clown couple discussing sex life Barcroft TV/YouTube

Though clowns often have connotations of being funny or scary rather than sexy, the fetish is common enough to have its own name: coulrophilia. The paraphilia doesn’t necessarily stop at clowns, and also involves a sexual attraction to mimes and jesters.

I imagine there’d be a lot of makeup-smeared bedsheets involved in relationships with coulrophiles – plus the red noses would probably get in the way – but hey, if it works, it works.

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