Jason Lee Wants To Resolve My Name Is Earl Cliffhanger With New Series

Jason Lee Wants To Resolve My Name Is Earl Cliffhanger With New Series 20th Century Fox

My Name is Earl star Jason Lee is keen to resolve the final season’s cliffhanger by creating some new episodes. 

The comedy made for some great teatime viewing when it aired between 2005 and 2009, with viewers settling in each day to see how Earl Hickey would try to tackle his karma.

The series followed the former petty criminal as he tried to improve his life by righting all of his wrongs, ticking them off a list as he did so.

My Name is Earl star wants to wrap up the show 20th Century Fox

My Name Is Earl continued for four seasons, the last of which left fans curious as it ended with a ‘To Be Continued…’ However, the show was unexpectedly cancelled, and fans never found out whether Earl managed to complete his list.

The sudden end was entirely unsatisfying for viewers, but there may be a glimmer of hope for fans as Lee has expressed his desire to wrap things up with a new series of the show.

Speaking to JoBlo, he said:

We would be [game for a revival], we’ve talked about it, yeah. At least like, even a little three-part series to wrap up the list or something.

Earl and Randy from My Name is Earl 20th Century Fox

Lee said My Name Is Earl creator Greg Garcia would be the person to ask about whether Netflix or another streaming service may be up for rebooting the show, but he emphasised he’d be keen to conclude the series if the opportunity presented itself.

The actor continued:

[It’s] definitely on the list, no pun intended, to try to wrap up that universe if we can.

Start a petition [to reboot the show]. Everybody asks me, ‘what happened, what happened, what happened’? I get that question probably more than any other question.

My answer… is ‘I hope we do’.

Earl in My Name is Earl 20th Century Fox

You heard the man – if you’re desperate to find out whether Earl completed his list and successfully balanced out his karma, get a petition going!

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